In this episode of the EdUp Canada podcast, host Michael Sangster delves into the transformative power of fitness education with guest Andre Potvin, founder of Infofit Fitness Career College in Vancouver. They discuss the vital role of passion in pursuing a career in fitness, the importance of practical training in fitness education, and the positive job outlook for certified fitness instructors. The episode also touches on Andre’s unique journey from exploring various professions to dedicating his life to fitness education, and the impact of mentors on personal and professional growth. Listeners gain insights into the significance of incorporating fitness into their lives, the current state of the fitness education industry, and how Infofit is addressing the gap between the demand for and supply of trained fitness professionals. 

00:00 Introduction to the EdUp Canada Podcast 

01:30 Exploring the World of Fitness Training with Andre Potvin 

03:07 The Importance of Passion and Professionalism in Fitness Careers 

03:51 Navigating the Regulatory Landscape of Fitness Education 

09:26 Diverse Career Paths and Opportunities in Fitness 

12:12 Practical Advice for Staying Hydrated and Healthy 

15:52 Teaching and Learning in the Fitness Industry 

19:28 Expanding the Reach: Online Education and Global Impact 

20:41 Challenges and Aspirations in the Fitness Education Sector 

23:19 Mentorship and Its Impact on Career Paths 

25:58 Closing Thoughts and Future Directions 

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About Andre Noel Potvin

ACE Certified Personal Trainer (America Council on Exercise) BCRPA Personal Trainer, BCRPA-TFL, Clinical Exercise Specialist, Principles of Sports Nutrition (PSN), M.Sc. (Cardiac Rehab) 

André Noël Potvin is an internationally accredited author and fitness educator with 40 years of leadership and training experience. André holds a Master of Science degree in cardiac rehabilitation from the University of British Columbia, where he served for 4 years on the teaching faculty of the School of Human Kinetics.  He is also founder and president of Infofit Fitness Career College and is frequently invited to lecture at international public and professional conferences. 


It is my career purpose to enhance the quality of leadership in the health and fitness industry by providing students with knowledge, training, and resources necessary for them to explore their career dreams. Teaching is my strongest passion, and I consider it my responsibility, as a true educator, to develop educational literature, seminars and courses for both the public and fitness professionals that are informative, up-to-date, entertaining, and well researched. 

Professional Accreditation 

Infofit Educators – School for Fitness Professionals 

Founder & president (1988 – present) 

University of British Columbia School of Human Kinetics – Teaching faculty member 1997-2001 

M.Sc. in Human Kinetics – cardiac rehabilitation (1998) 

American Council on Exercise (ACE) Personal Training  

British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) Trainer of fitness leaders (TFL)