Are YOU a past graduate of a NACC program?  NACC is happy to announce that as of November 15, 2022, you are able to order a new Digital Credential to replace your lost or damaged paper certificate or diploma.  Or you simply want a new Digital Credential to have a handy copy of your credential to use for your job search, in a signature block or to share on social media. To order one, please follow the link below. 

Employers, are you in doubt of a candidate’s diploma or certificate? Let your candidates know that they can obtain a NACC Digital Credentials for their paper diploma or certificate. Once we review their paper documents, we will issue a secure Digital Credential showing their accomplishments. When they present their Digital Credential to your organization, you will have the candidate’s secure graduation information and be assured of its validity.*


To verify a graduate of a NACC Program, enter the first and last name of the graduate that you would like to verify in the appropriate search engine by date. This would include PSW, PSW Bridging, HSW, ECA, Esthetics, Pharmacy Assistant or PSW Distance Education programs.

If the graduate name is not found and you have a copy of a NACC certificate you would like us to review, please email a copy of the NACC certificate and your request to Misty at mcomeau@nacc.ca and we will review it manually. It is also recommended to hiring agencies to ask the applicant for a copy of their program transcript to make sure that all components of the program have been completed including any required practicums.

Note: You will need to enter the student’s name into the search as it appears on their NACC PSW certificate. For example, if the student’s NACC certificate says “Sarah Adenike Charles”, you will need to also include their middle name in your search. Student’s middle names need to be included in the First Name field, otherwise the student name will not show up.

For example:

FIRST NAME: Sarah Adenike
LAST NAME: Charles

Graduate names are added to the database daily. If you are trying to locate someone who recently graduated and you cannot find them below, please email Misty with a scan of the student’s NACC certificate we will confirm the graduate via email.

Thank you.

For graduates between the years 1998 – 2021:

For graduates in the years 2022 – Current:

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