Who We Are

NACC is a national association representing 550 regulated career colleges from across the country. We have an elected Board of Directors from across Canada that oversees the organization and is responsible to its members. The NACC staff administers the day-to-day business of the association and reports to the Board of Directors and the members.

Watch this video from the Past Chair and Current Member of the Board of Directors George Hood, and learn about what NACC does to contribute to workforce development, and find solutions to the labour shortage issue in Canada.


NACC has a long, proud history of supporting the national interests of Canadian career colleges:

  • Established as an association of private business educators in 1896 as the Business Educators Association
  • Incorporated federally as a not-for-profit association in 1964
  • Changed name in 1991 from the Association of Canadian Career Colleges to the National Association of Career Colleges

NACC’s Purpose

Our purpose is to be the voice and enabler of opportunities for our members and benefits for their students.

NACC’s Vision

Our vision is to be the recognized and respected voice of regulated career colleges across Canada. NACC is involved in a number of activities that support the career college industry and specifically its members and their students. Here are a few of the current activities that we are involved in:

NACC Curriculum and Examination Service: We develop and offer curriculum packages to members who are committed to maintaining the program standards set by NACC. There are currently six programs available:

  • Early Childhood Assistant Program
  • Esthetics Program
  • Personal Support Worker Program
  • Personal Support Worker Bridging Program
  • Personal Support Worker Distance Education Program
  • Home Support Worker Program

For more information on our curriculum, please contact Doris Jeanne MacKinnon, Director of Education and Development at djmackinnon@nacc.ca

Each year NACC holds a conference for all of its members. The conference brings together industry leaders to share and learn about the latest innovations and effective practices in education. Sessions are also held to discuss a number of topics such as:

  • Media Relations
  • Government policy
  • Accreditation programs

Industry Representation

We continually work with the Federal government to represent career colleges on different levels. NACC has and will continue to work on projects and attend meetings such as:

  • Representing career colleges in front of parliamentary committees
  • Meeting with elected officials and public servants
  • Participating in meetings with the Educator Engagement Steering Committee

Government Relations

NACC has taken a proactive stance on issues that affect its members. To ensure that our members’ interests are voiced to the government, NACC undertakes the following:

  • Engages with key government officials so that NACC’s message is heard and understood
  • Closely monitors government actions related to education and specifically career colleges
  • Positions NACC to be able to quickly respond to questions from the media and government