The following organizations have partnered with NACC to deliver value for our member colleges, their staff and/or students. Read below to learn more about each partnership and the benefits they offer.

Platinum Sponsors (A-Z):

4stayAdvance 360 EducationCompTIA
Enriched AcademyGeneration MarketingGreat Exposure
guard.meHigher Education MarketingHUB International
Jelly MarketingPearson CanadaPlacement Pass

Gold Sponsors (A-Z):

ampEducatorEnrollment ResourcesWindmill Microlending

Silver Sponsors (A-Z):

eLoft CareersLife and Death MattersStudiosity

Other Partners (A-Z):

Pallium CanadaPayworksTELUS Wise


4stay is an online marketplace connecting students and interns with local hosts, room providers, and roommates near their destinations.

Launched in June 2017, 4stay an online resource for students and interns looking for off-campus housing. We’re creating a positive economic ecosystem that is transforming the matchmaking process of student housing rentals. We’re creating possibilities for our students, schools, hosts, workplaces, campuses, and cities.

We exist to better the lives of as many students as possible by offering affordable homes. The partnership between 4stay and NACC is designed to address the unique housing needs of career college students, offering dedicated booking pages for NACC member institutions, and increasing the housing options available to students. Through 4stay’s platform, NACC member institutions and their students gain access to a curated selection of verified, quality accommodations, fostering a positive and conducive environment for academic success.

Advance 360 Education

Advance 360 Education is an education marketing agency helping higher education institutions solve enrollment marketing and business challenges in the dynamic environment in which they compete. Our proprietary first- and third-party datasets, marketing technology stack, and deep experience in the educational sector help us to tackle the complex marketing and business problems educational institutions face. 

Our cloud-based platform, Aduna, empowers schools with key insights and intelligence that elevate leadership decision-making and pivot strategies for sustainable growth. Aduna can help you harness your data to reach quality students, improve retention, and achieve competitive advantage through a deeper understanding of the complete lead lifecycle.


Connect, Manage and Deliver Student data all in one place.

ampEducator is an academic management platform that includes CRM, SIS and LMS capabilities built specifically for higher education.

With many third party integrations, a robust API and Webhooks we can help you connect/sync to any existing data and learning platforms.

We provide the necessary support and training along with a customized Onboarding Plan focusing on your priorities for success.

Get started today and sign up for a free trial available on our website.


The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the tech-forward community of the $5.2 trillion global IT ecosystem and the hub for the approximately 75 million professionals who design, deploy, manage and secure the technology that powers the modern economy. Through collaboration, education, certifications, advocacy and market research, CompTIA delivers the tech talent that moves the workforce forward.

The CompTIA Academic Partner Program

The CompTIA Academic Partner Program prepares today’s students to be employable in our global digital economy. Through our partnership, we provide tools and resources to help schools deploy turnkey curriculum including fundamental digital skills, IT and Cybersecurity. CompTIA Academic Partners leverage our learning resources, eLearning courseware and hands-on labs. CompTIA also provides skills validation through CompTIA’s vendor-neutral certifications, giving your students a competitive edge in securing that dream tech job. In addition, we support instructors with continuous training and teaching best-practices through our connected global network. Together, with our partners, we aim to deliver in-demand tech talent to the global workforce. We deliver all of this to you wrapped in our LMS access where you can operate, report, and see the progress of your students and ultimately integrating directly to your Institution’s LMS, reducing all operational cost, streamlining access, consistency in training and operational efficiency. All at no cost to you!

eLoft Careers

eLoft Careers mission is to maximize student and graduate success in today’s job market by teaching job search skills that work, bridging the transition from school to employment.

We partner with Career Colleges to accelerate student and graduate job market success by complementing your existing career services with expertly developed on-line/on-demand courses covering the 4 pillars of job search.

Our on-line/on-demand courses support your career services team in developing excellence in the areas of resume and cover letter development, interview skills development and preparation, and job search strategies and networking techniques.

As part of this partnership, NACC members may be eligible for volume discounts off the regular rate of $15/course/student/30 day access.

Colleges who choose to offer our courses can charge for the courses at a rate of their choice.

For more information or to schedule a free demo, please complete the eLoft Careers Interest Form and we will contact you shortly.

Enriched Academy

Enriched Academy works with individuals and organizations, including colleges, across the country to provide Canadians with the critical financial skills, knowledge, and habits they need to succeed.

By offering engaging video-based lessons with an online resource portal, they provide all the tools for your students’ financial success.

As part of this partnership, all regulated career colleges who are referred to Enriched Academy through NACC will receive a discounted rate.

NACC Member Colleges will receive a special price of $85.00 per student. Non-Member Colleges are offered a rate of $95.00 per student.

Colleges who choose to participate can charge for this program at a rate of their choice.

Want more information or looking to bring Enriched Academy to your college? Please complete the Enriched Academy Interest Form and a representative will reach out to you shortly.

Enrollment Resources

Enrollment Resources is a team of marketing, technology and human behavior experts that specialize in school growth. We provide proven solutions and expert support to increase student enrollment and lower costs.

For more than 20 years, we’ve helped Career Schools, Universities, Trades Colleges, private K-12 and other schools of all sizes to prosper through EDU specific expertise, personalized guidance and unparalleled technical innovation.

Through years of tests to continually push performance benchmarks for our partner schools, we created Virtual Adviser, our powerful software platform designed to combat top challenges schools face today including lead volume, contact rate and rising costs. Virtual Adviser Lead Funnels and other Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools help schools to:

  • Increase Leads
  • Improve Contact Rate
  • Lower Cost-Per-Start

Our combination of research-backed technical solutions and dedicated service consistently give our partner schools a competitive advantage.

Whether you’re in need of digital marketing to grow your school, have an existing agency and want to increase conversions or are an agency looking to supercharge lead generation and enrollments for a school, we can help.

Generation Marketing

Generation Marketing is an international full-service marketing agency with

offices in Canada, Poland and Spain. They work to build brands, create presence and generate high-quality leads that are connected directly to your sales team.

They use a cutting edge approach to generate high converting leads. Meaning they use sophisticated methods to help you connect live and in real time with your audience. They have decades of experience in the education sector, combining proven enrollment strategies with the technical side of creating high-performing landing pages.

They work with clients to ensure they are using up-to-date best practices to convert customers. Identifying prospects, mapping your journey, and recognizing engagement opportunities are all important parts of their conversion process. They will work with your team to figure out how to find more customers in a cost effective method.

Great Exposure

Great Exposure is a full-service Marketing Agency solely dedicated to clients within the post-secondary education sector of Canada.

Every service offered, from web design to email campaigns to lead management, has been developed organically in-house to meet the needs of both client and student users everywhere.

Assisting schools in everything from lead generation and brand building to hiring and training recruiters, Great Exposure has become synonymous with education and are widely regarded as experts in the field of lead management technology.

Celebrating 11 years of expert education marketing

With a tradition of forward-thinking and technological advancements, Great Exposure continues to lead schools into a new era of lead generation with their highly successful CRM software, CampusLogin, now more powerful and more far-reaching than ever before. Through technology and an exceptionally talented creative, sales and support team, Great Exposure is able to consistently deliver on the needs of their clients. is a solutions-focused health and wellness insurance provider for domestic and international students, staff, and schools. believes that students should be cared for from the start of their studies, not only after something happens. Caring for students both physically and mentally is essential to help them achieve their academic goals. is proud to be the only health insurance provider with a strong focus on mental wellness and has dedicated programs for staff and students’ well-being.

The keep.meSAFE program was created with students in mind, to help them navigate mental health struggles. Whether this is exam stress, feeling homesick, or just needing someone to talk to about their experiences, keep.meSAFE has resources that help students. This includes a 24/7 telemedicine service, available to all students to connect with a mental health professional quickly and easily. Additionally, the program provides training and resources to school staff to help them better understand what students are going through and how to best help them.

For over 25 years, has been an innovator in the health insurance industry for students, schools, and their staff. Reach out to to see how they can provide a solutions-focused approach to your health and wellness insurance needs.  

Higher Education Marketing

HEM offers online, real-time professional learning for career college marketers in a variety of subject areas.

Each course is designed to be suitable as an introductory level for those who want to learn the fundamentals and can accommodate those registrants with an intermediate level of understanding who are looking to better optimize their efforts.

SEO Fundamentals for Schools
In this hands-on course, you will learn the necessary skills to implement an effective SEO strategy for your school.

Introduction to Google Ads for Schools
An effective implementation of Google Ads as part of your top-of-the-funnel (TOFU) strategy can contribute to bringing a consistent stream of leads to your school.

Introduction to Google Analytics for Schools
Eager to boost your understanding of Google Analytics? With the right skills and training, you can build your confidence and discover how to apply data insights to improve your school’s digital marketing decision-making process.

Facebook & Instagram Advertising Strategies for Education
This course covers the latest fundamentals of Facebook and Instagram Advertising so that school marketers can create, optimize and report on ad campaign effectiveness with confidence.

Digital Marketing Fundamentals for Schools
Discover the essentials of digital marketing and how it supports overall marketing goals and objectives for schools.

Custom Course and Training Services
Each school’s makeup is different and as such, each school has different training needs and requirements. Let our team design and deliver custom training to support your school’s digital marketing or recruitment needs. 

Our partnership with HEM gives NACC members a discount on all of the digital education marketing courses listed above! Use PROMO CODE NACC10 at checkout to receive a 10% discount. Learn more and register now on the HEM Academy website:

HUB International

At HUB, our vision is to be everywhere risk exists, helping protect what matters most. Our Education Specialty Practice is dedicated to serving the needs of educational institutions across Canada and our experts specialize in risk management and mitigation in the education sector.

HUB International is excited to partner with the NACC to provide a single source solution to address your college’s most pressing corporate risk, insurance and human capital challenges. As the largest brokerage in Canada, we can provide cost-effective and creative solutions tailored to your unique college. By creating a “one stop shop” for NACC members, college administrators and owners can focus their attention on education and program development, knowing that they have access to best-in-class solutions designed specifically for the career college market. HUB has partnered with insurance companies and carriers to create a bespoke solution reserved for NACC members.  Colleges will be able choose from these plan offerings based on their unique needs and risks:

  • Commercial Insurance
  • Risk Management Services
  • Surety Bonds
  • Employee Benefits
  • Group Retirement and Savings
  • Student Health Plans
  • Personal Insurance Digital Marketplace
  • Other

Jelly Marketing

The Canadian federal government has made $1.4 billion in funding available to SMEs across Canada to help digitize businesses. The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP), “aims to close the digitization gap between Canadian businesses and their competitors.” We are proud to be an approved Digital Advisor and look forward to helping businesses build their online presence through digital marketing audits and strategies.

Details for funding include:

  • Using a free digital assessment tool to evaluate your own digital readiness
  • Getting 90% of the eligible costs for working with the digital advisor reimbursed, up to a maximum grant value of $15,000 to consult a digital expert and develop a digital adoption plan for your business. This means your costs will only be $1500

At Jelly we specialize in providing marketing audits and strategies for your school. 

Life and Death Matters

In the field of palliative care education for Personal Support Workers (PSWs) and nurses, Life & Death Matters is firmly established as a pioneering force. With years of experience, they offer a diverse range of competency-based educational materials, including textbooks, online courses, videos, podcasts, Instructor’s Guides, and PowerPoint™ presentations.

Their comprehensive textbooks are valuable resources for both students and graduates of PSW and nursing programs. Covering a wide spectrum of palliative care topics, these textbooks provide in-depth insights, practical knowledge, and evidence-based approaches for delivering care in various settings, such as the community, long-term care facilities, and acute care environments.

Incorporating multimedia resources into its educational repertoire, Life & Death Matters offers an extensive selection of videos and podcasts that explain and explore current palliative care topics. These engaging resources facilitate visual and auditory learning experiences, making complex concepts more accessible and relatable. Through interviews with palliative care experts and real-life scenarios, PSWs develop a comprehensive understanding of palliative care principles, strategies for integrating a palliative approach, and best practices for communicating and connecting in palliative care.

For educators, Life & Death Matters developed ready-to-use Instructor Guides and PowerPoint teaching presentations. These teaching tools support educators in providing quality palliative care education to as many care providers as possible. By streamlining the teaching process and offering engaging learning activities, educators can efficiently deliver captivating and effective educational experiences.

The partnership between NACC and Life & Death Matters underscores a shared commitment to promoting a compassionate and informed approach to end-of-life care. Life & Death Matters has created the resources used to deliver Module 9, “Assisting the Dying Person,” in the NACC Personal Support Worker and Home Support Worker Curriculum. These resources encompass the textbook and workbook, titled “Integrating a Palliative Approach: Essentials for Personal Support Workers” (2nd Edition), along with a library of podcasts and videos, as well as teaching materials.

By harnessing Life & Death Matters’ resources, NACC aims to equip its members with the essential skills and knowledge needed to provide exceptional care during the most critical moments. This collaboration aims to furnish healthcare workers and educators with comprehensive palliative care education resources and training to support those engaged in end-of-life care.

For further information or to access Life & Death Matters’ resources, please visit their website by clicking the button below or get in touch with Kath Murray at


Orbund is a student information system (SIS) provider to postsecondary education. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, the company serves a full range of non-profit and proprietary institutions in North America and abroad. Orbund’s SIS technology answers higher education’s calls for a true, cloud-based, configurable system. The Einstein and Edison SIS products are Software-as-a-Service solutions. The architecture features configuration for small schools or multi-campus colleges offering ground-based, online, and blended academic programs.

Pallium Canada

NACC has partnered with Pallium Canada to offer the LEAP Personal Support Worker program to our Member Colleges.

LEAP Personal Support Worker is an online, self-learning course built by Canadian palliative care experts. It focuses on palliative care approach content that is designed for personal support workers, care aides, and health care assistants working in long-term care, home care, nursing homes, and acute care.

Download the LEAP Personal Support Worker Information Sheets in English or French.

When combined with our Member College’s own work, LEAP Personal Support Worker will extend learning for graduates long after they leave your College and enter into the healthcare system.

As part of this partnership, NACC Member Colleges will receive a special price of $30.00 per student for the LEAP Personal Support Worker program, compared to the regular cost of $45.00 per student, for an exclusive savings of 33.3% for our Member Colleges. NACC Member Colleges who choose to participate can charge for this program at a rate of their choice.

Pallium Canada is providing dedicated service to support Members who choose to offer this self-learning palliative care course to their students. If you are interested, please reach out to your province’s Pallium representative below for more information and to confirm your participation:

For Member Colleges in:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland & Labrador

Please call or e-mail:

Alana Corkery
(416) 786-3896  

For Member Colleges in:

  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Yukon, Northwest Territories,
    and Nunavut

Please call or e-mail:

Kelsey Fonda
(604) 335-8123


Payworks is a leading expert in workforce management solutions, providing tools for payroll, human resources, time and absence management, and more. Their suite of products enables organizations to streamline their HR and payroll processes and empowers employees with self-service functionality. Payworks clients also receive tailored service through a dedicated customer service representative.

As part of this exclusive partnership, NACC Members will receive a discounted rate of 15% off select Payroll services (including the Payroll Run Charge, Per Employee Paid fee, and T4s/R1s fees).

Download the Payworks resources below to learn more about their featured services:

Payworks Services Brochure (EN)Brochure des services de paie (FR)
Employee Self-Service Brochure (EN)Brochure libre-service pour les employés (FR)

Interested in streamlining your Payroll & HR processes with Payworks? Complete the NACC Member Inquiry Form linked below and a Payworks representative will follow up on your inquiry shortly.


At Pearson, we believe that learning is no longer just a stage of life, but a lifelong journey. Our digital products such as MyLab, Mastering, Revel and Pearson eText are trusted by millions of people worldwide to help them learn a new language, re-skill or up-skill, or master course content in order to realize the life that they imagine. We are deeply committed to supporting regulated and career colleges in Canada and the diverse student body that they serve. Our state-of-the-art digital platforms and trusted, world-class content help learners succeed in their coursework and exit their programs job-ready.

Placement Pass by ParaMed

ParaMed’s pre-placement services portal Placement Pass is Canada’s leading option to validate student pre-placement requirements for work in a variety of industries and sectors, both medical and non-medical. More than 225,000 students across Canada having been cleared for work via our simple and secure portal. Backed by Canada’s largest Home and Long-Term Care organization, a Chief Medical Officer, Chief Nursing Executive and with access to over 2,000 Nurses, we make it easy for employers, colleges and universities to confirm the qualifications of students through a portal that is fast, simple and secure. Hundreds of organizations in health care, education, legal services and more rely on our trusted technology and experience in prerequisite placement services to manage pre-placement compliance safely and easily. With Placement Pass, you can ensure student readiness for placement, giving students an easy, secure and confidential service where they can upload their documentation and access program information.

Let Placement Pass be your students’ pass to success!


Studiosity delivers ethical and formative feedback at scale to over 250 institutions worldwide. With our customized AI-powered, learner-centric ‘Plus’ service, all students can benefit from formative feedback in minutes. From their first draft to just before submission, more students will be able to receive personalized feedback – including guidance on how they can demonstrably improve their own work and critical thinking skills. Actionable insight is accessible to faculty and leaders, revealing the scale of engagement with support, cohorts requiring intervention, and measurable learning progress. Together, we can increase life chances for every student.


Are you looking for a reliable and trusted travel insurance partner for your school’s international students? Look no further than StudyInsured.

With years of experience in the travel insurance industry, StudyInsured offers customized insurance plans that cater specifically to the needs of global students, travelers, and workers. They are renowned for their expertise and ability to work closely with clients to develop unique and comprehensive student insurance plans.

Whether you’re interested in partnering with them or have any questions, comments, or suggestions, they are always ready to help. Contact them today and give your international students the peace of mind they deserve.


TELUS Wise is a cyber awareness program designed to assist students, instructors and the community to better protect themselves as we work and live online.

TELUS Wise is a free digital literacy education program that offers informative workshops and resources to help Canadians of all ages have a positive experience as digital citizens. They have created a vast library of digital literacy and online safety resources in collaboration with partners in technology, child protection and law enforcement to help Canadians of all ages stay safe in our digital world.

Download the TELUS Wise Information Sheets in English or French.

TELUS Wise workshops are available online and can be completed individually, or instructors can share them with students in a classroom setting.

To access free TELUS Wise workshops in English or French, please visit the following sites to register in your preferred language:


Wavemakers is a work-integrated learning program utilizing cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking innovation to connect diverse post-secondary students in the virtual world. Wavemakers offers an opportunity for students to build futureproof skills, mindsets, and networks they will need to thrive in their future careers. With their accomplished mentor program, students receive guidance and knowledge from leading industry experts.

All NACC members with a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number are eligible to have their students apply for this valuable work-integrated learning program. Please refer to this official list of DLIs to confirm your college’s eligibility.

Windmill Microlending

Windmill Microlending is a national charity that supports the advancement of skilled immigrants and refugees, offering affordable loans of up to $15,000 to help new Canadians restart their careers. Our vision is to ensure skilled newcomers are equitably integrated into the workforce while contributing their expertise to Canada’s economic and social success. We are the country’s only national charity providing financial support to new Canadians to achieve accreditation, training, and professional development goals. Funded by both the public and private sectors, Windmill converts newcomer potential to prosperity. 

Windmill works with academic institutions across the country, including several career colleges, to ensure immigrant and refugee students can access the financial aid they need to pay for the costs of tuition, textbooks, equipment, and even cost of living and transportation while they study. No Canadian credit history is required. Over 95% of eligible newcomers are approved for loans.

To learn about our academic partnership opportunities, contact us:

For more information about Windmill Microlending, visit