The following organizations have partnered with NACC to deliver value for our member colleges, their staff and/or students. Read below to learn more about each partnership and the benefits they offer.

Enriched Academy | Pallium Canada | Payworks | TELUS Wise | Wavemakers

Enriched Academy

Enriched Academy works with individuals and organizations, including colleges, across the country to provide Canadians with the critical financial skills, knowledge, and habits they need to succeed. By offering engaging video-based lessons with an online resource portal, they provide all the tools for your students’ financial success.

As part of this partnership, all private career colleges who are referred to Enriched Academy through NACC will receive a discounted rate.

NACC Member Colleges will receive a special price of $85.00 per student. Non-Member Colleges are offered a rate of $95.00 per student.

Colleges who choose to participate can charge for this program at a rate of their choice.

Want more information or looking to bring Enriched Academy to your college? Please complete the Enriched Academy Interest Form and a representative will reach out to you shortly.

Pallium Canada

NACC has partnered with Pallium Canada to offer the LEAP Personal Support Worker program to our Member Colleges.

LEAP Personal Support Worker is an online, self-learning course built by Canadian palliative care experts. It focuses on palliative care approach content that is designed for personal support workers, care aides, and health care assistants working in long-term care, home care, nursing homes, and acute care.

Download the LEAP Personal Support Worker Information Sheets in English or French.

When combined with our Member College’s own work, LEAP Personal Support Worker will extend learning for graduates long after they leave your College and enter into the healthcare system.

As part of this partnership, NACC Member Colleges will receive a special price of $30.00 per student for the LEAP Personal Support Worker program, compared to the regular cost of $45.00 per student, for an exclusive savings of 33.3% for our Member Colleges. NACC Member Colleges who choose to participate can charge for this program at a rate of their choice.

Pallium Canada is providing dedicated service to support Members who choose to offer this self-learning palliative care course to their students. If you are interested, please reach out to your province’s Pallium representative below for more information and to confirm your participation:

For Member Colleges in:

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • New Brunswick
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island
  • Newfoundland & Labrador

Please call or e-mail:

Alana Corkery
(416) 786-3896  

For Member Colleges in:

  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Yukon, Northwest Territories,
    and Nunavut

Please call or e-mail:

Kelsey Fonda
(604) 335-8123


Payworks is a leading expert in workforce management solutions, providing tools for payroll, human resources, time and absence management, and more. Their suite of products enables organizations to streamline their HR and payroll processes and empowers employees with self-service functionality. Payworks clients also receive tailored service through a dedicated customer service representative.

As part of this exclusive partnership, NACC Members will receive a discounted rate of 15% off select Payroll services (including the Payroll Run Charge, Per Employee Paid fee, and T4s/R1s fees).

Download the Payworks resources below to learn more about their featured services:

Payworks Services Brochure (EN)Brochure des services de paie (FR)
Employee Self-Service Brochure (EN)Brochure libre-service pour les employés (FR)

Interested in streamlining your Payroll & HR processes with Payworks? Complete the NACC Member Inquiry Form linked below and a Payworks representative will follow up on your inquiry shortly.


TELUS Wise is a cyber awareness program designed to assist students, instructors and the community to better protect themselves as we work and live online.

TELUS Wise is a free digital literacy education program that offers informative workshops and resources to help Canadians of all ages have a positive experience as digital citizens. They have created a vast library of digital literacy and online safety resources in collaboration with partners in technology, child protection and law enforcement to help Canadians of all ages stay safe in our digital world.

Download the TELUS Wise Information Sheets in English or French.

TELUS Wise workshops are available online and can be completed individually, or instructors can share them with students in a classroom setting.

To access free TELUS Wise workshops in English or French, please visit the following sites to register in your preferred language:


Wavemakers is a work-integrated learning program utilizing cutting-edge technology and groundbreaking innovation to connect diverse post-secondary students in the virtual world. Wavemakers offers an opportunity for students to build futureproof skills, mindsets, and networks they will need to thrive in their future careers. With their accomplished mentor program, students receive guidance and knowledge from leading industry experts.

All NACC members with a Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number are eligible to have their students apply for this valuable work-integrated learning program. Please refer to this official list of DLIs to confirm your college’s eligibility.