NACC Digital Certificates

The key to standing out as a highly-skilled professional in today’s competitive job market

The Value of a Digital Credential

A digital credential issued by NACC consists of both a certificate and a badge.

With your digital credential, your successful completion of the NACC exam can easily be verified at any time. Current and prospective employers can quickly view your certificate, and the online view of your certificate will communicate your graduated status to anyone attempting to verify it. Your digital certificate allows you to stand out as a fully qualified and competitive candidate in your industry, and gives you verified credibility.

Benefits of Digital Credentials

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere

You don’t need to worry about ever losing your certificate. Your credential can always be found at your unique web address which you can access from your computer or mobile device.

Easily Shareable Online

Showcase your achievement to your network in just a few clicks by sharing your credential on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. 

(Tag NACC so we can celebrate you too!)

Take Control of Your Privacy

How and when you share your credential is up to you, with privacy options ranging from full discoverability to complete privacy so you can share with only the people you choose.

Print Copies On-Demand

Easily print a high-quality PDF of your certificate to bring with you to an interview, or to display in a frame!

Credible Learning, Verified

Your achievements can be verified at any time, making you stand out in the hiring process. Your certifications on LinkedIn can be linked to your live credential so anyone, anywhere can see what you have achieved. 

Portable & Exportable Achievements

You worked hard for your achievement, so show it off easily by embedding your credential on your own website, in your email signature, or save a PDF of your credential.

Showcase Your Hard Work and Achievement Today

Successfully completing an academic program is worthy of sharing.
Stand out to recruiters, hiring managers, and your wider network by upgrading to a digital credential.

In Partnership with Accredible

Accredible is a platform for the creation and issuing of digital credentials, including certificates and badges, that are secure, reliable and most importantly, credible.

Accredible’s digital credentials allow individuals to quickly and easily share their accomplishments and prove their credibility, helping you to achieve success in your career journey.

The platform empowers recipients of digital credentials to highlight their academic achievements in many ways, including the ability to:


Share on social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter


Download and print a high-resolution copy of your certificate


Share your certificate directly with potential employers for easy verification

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I get a digital certificate?

If you graduated from a NACC program after December 1, 2022, you would have been issued a digital certificate and badge to your e-mail address following successful completion of the NACC final exam. Please check your Spam or Junk mail folders to ensure that it was not caught there.

If you graduated from a NACC program before December 1, 2022, you have the option to upgrade to a digital credential by completing and submitting the Digital Certificate Order Form to NACC. Please note there is an administrative fee of $56.50 CAD (tax included) to upgrade to a digital credential.

Accredible Help Center


Visit Accredible’s Help Centre for more answers to commonly asked questions: