“…sometimes the higher you climb up the ladder the harder it is to jump to another ladder”

It’s not easy to climb the corporate ladder…and can be even higher to jump it. But, there are plenty of opportunities to climb it if you put the right skills to work. What are those skills in tourism? We have David Goldstein on the podcast to discuss just that.

This Episode is for if….

  • Learn how waiting tables can be a gateway to an amazing career
  • Uncover what gems lie in the office that can lead to better workplace dynamics
  • Learn how to be an accessible leader and look for those who aren’t

About David

In his joint role as CEO of Travel Alberta and Deputy Minister of Tourism and Sport, David collaborates across multiple organizations to establish Alberta as the premiere destination to visit, work, live and play. At Travel Alberta, David leads a dedicated team to develop and promote unique destinations across the province.

His strategic oversight of Alberta’s tourism recovery plan resulted in recovery to pre-pandemic levels in 2022 —two full years ahead of schedule.

As President and CEO of Destination Canada, David led the development of the Federal Tourism Strategy, changes in aviation and visa policy, and an aligned Global Team Canada strategy, NorthStar 22. He also spent five years as President and CEO of the Tourism Industry Association of Canada. David holds a bilingual Bachelor of Arts in History and Political Science from York University

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