In the third quarter of 2022, Statistics Canada reported nearly one million unfilled jobs in Canada’s economy. Regulated career colleges can help fill those vacancies.

By providing industry-specific training, regulated career colleges are able to produce job-ready graduates who can immediately step into high-demand roles. This not only benefits individuals by providing them with employment opportunities, but it also helps to address the labour shortage and support economic growth.

One of the key advantages of regulated career colleges is the timely training they offer. Career colleges focus on practical skills and hands-on training, with the aim of preparing students for employment in their chosen field as quickly as possible. This means that students can enter the workforce sooner and start contributing to the economy, which is crucial given the current labour shortage in Canada.

Overall, Canadians should know that regulated career colleges are part of the solution to addressing Canada’s current labour crisis. Regulated career colleges offer timely training, opportunities for upskilling, and the ability to fill high-demand roles. Learn more about the National Association of Career College’s 450+ member colleges at