Success does not usually happen in a straight line. It has twists and turns, speedbumps and detours. But something that’s fundamental to success is equipping yourself with the right skills…but what are the right skills? Well, let’s find out.

Join me, Michael Sangster, as we learn about how successful people have turned a set of skills into success. From students to business leaders, veterans, policymakers, blue-collar workers and educators. You’ll find out how learning a set of skills can lead to a lifetime of success. Welcome to the EdUp Canada podcast. Let’s learn together.

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Episode #16: How Will New Policy Changes Shape Canadian Education with Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes

In this episode of the EdUp Canada podcast we explore the transformative role of skills and training in shaping successful careers. The episode features Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes reflecting on Canada's educational sector, focusing on both her university experience...

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