This news article is from our partners, Career Colleges Ontario (CCO). NACC congratulates CCO’s membership on this historic accomplishment. The formalization of this Standard of Practice is a testament to the commitment of regulated career colleges to provide high-quality training and an unparalleled student experience for both international and domestic learners alike.

(BRANTFORD, March 16, 2023) – Ontario’s regulated career colleges have formalized a Standards of Practice that reflect career colleges’ ongoing commitment to strengthening both domestic and international students’ experiences. The Standards of Practice for the Recruitment, Training, and Retention of Domestic, Out-of-Province, and International Students outline a holistic baseline standard approach that every member school and affiliate will follow as it relates to advertising and marketing of programs abroad, provisioning of specialized and culturally appropriate students’ services including healthcare services, mental health and addiction services, employment support services, housing support services, financial services as well as adherence to an ethical and transparent refund policy.

“As an association, we are working together with our members to ensure that we can continue to build on these standards for postsecondary education that will help increase Ontario’s standing globally as a leader in this sector,” said Career Colleges Ontario CEO, Ari Laskin. “Ontario’s career colleges are already an example of some of the best practices for vocational education in Canada, and this is yet another collective step forward in cementing this quality reputation.”

The new Standards of Practice formalize the recognition of international students as coming from different cultures and educational systems to study at post-secondary institutions in Ontario, thereby often having special needs that vary from those of domestic students.

“We want international students across the globe to look at Ontario as not just a prime destination to further their education, but also as a leader in the post-secondary educational sector. Making sure our standards of practice reflect our sector’s ongoing commitment to placing the student experience first in everything we do is key in achieving that.” Said the Chair of Career Colleges Ontario, Adrian Sharma. 

As an association representing roughly 80 percent of Ontario’s career college student population, these new standards of practice are designed with the student in mind and to further fuel the association’s commitment to advocating for the equitable treatment of career college students and a level playing field for its member institutions.

As of July 1, 2023, and as part of the association’s annual membership renewal, all signatories of these Standards of Practice will have to re-attest annually that their institution follows the Standards of Practice.

To view the official press release on the Career Colleges Ontario website, click here.