NACC Congratulates Prime Minister Trudeau and all Successfully Elected MPs

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

The National Association of Career Colleges congratulates Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his re-election as Prime Minister and to all the successfully elected Members of Parliament. We stand ready to work with his government, with the Opposition parties and with Government officials to advance the needs of the thousands of Canadians that we train, educate, and assist to create employment opportunities.

As a nation, we owe our thanks to all candidates who put their name on a ballot, who campaigned and put ideas to voters in their attempt to stand for office. We applaud their community service to our nation.

Our Career Colleges across Canada will continue to develop the programs, the people and the career opportunities that are so vital to our economy. We stood up during the pandemic, we went online, and we trained Canadians to tackle the challenges that our nation has faced since the spring of 2020.

The Government and other elected officials and the people of Canada can count on NACC and our members to continue the hard work, the collaboration and the tireless pursuit of excellence in education to develop the skills necessary to drive our recovery and post pandemic economy.

We look forward to the challenges ahead.