NACC Joins Canada’s Coalition for a Better Future

Friday, September 17, 2021

The National Association of Career Colleges has joined the Coalition for a Better Future to work together with leading Canadian organizations in the development of a long-term economic and social vision for Canada.

Co-chaired by former federal Cabinet ministers Anne McLellan and Lisa Raitt, the Coalition’s membership represents a diverse range of sectors, industries, and perspectives, with a mission to develop a plan for Canada’s sustainable and prosperous economic future.

“NACC is excited to join this national conversation that is focused on solutions for long-term sustainable growth for Canada,” stated Michael Sangster, Chief Executive Officer. “While focusing on the broader topics at hand, we will bring our 125 years of experience to the educational and training requirements needed to support seeing those outcomes realized.”

To learn more about the Coalition for a Better Future, and to read the full press release, click here.