On Monday, February 6, 2023 NACC CEO Michael Sangster participated in the Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs’ study of a National Strategy for Veterans Employment After Service to share some of the ways that regulated career colleges are already answering the call and helping Veterans find meaningful work in their post-service careers.

In Ottawa, Willis College works closely with DND to train active service members and those transitioning to a number of exciting careers, including as Cyber Defence or Security Analysts, Cyber Operators, and Business Administrators.

From coast to coast, regulated career colleges are currently working with active service members, Veterans, and their families.

Last year, Willis College also announced the creation of a new $2 million “Learning Together” Veteran and Family Scholarship to provide full-tuition scholarships to family members of Veterans also taking one of their programs.

And in Nova Scotia, CBBC Career College has established a Military and Veterans Partnership Team to create a Veteran friendly career and learning environment that provides the flexibility for military Veteran students to flourish.

In British Columbia, Sprott Shaw College offers a 20% discount on all programs to active military members and these are just a few of many examples.

But we know that more can and should be done. That is why NACC has made three important recommendations:

Greater integration of our members into military transition services – regulated career colleges are already eligible for the Veterans Affairs Education and Training Benefit but more can be done to ensure the opportunities our skills training programs offer are understood and profiled.

Creation of a Veterans Skills and Training Table – to bring government, employers, veterans, and skills training institutions including regulated career colleges together to identify labour force gaps, veterans needs and to develop the programs needed to fill them.

Creation of a military family support program – to support spouses and children of active military members and Veterans so that they get the skills training they need to succeed.

You can watch the full session by clicking below:

Meeting No. 35 ACVA – Standing Committee on Veterans Affairs