Murgatroyd March Madness

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The Student Journey: Moments of Truth

Explore the pivotal “moments of truth” in a student’s journey, those critical instances that shape their perceptions and experiences with your institution. Learn strategies for turning these moments into opportunities to reinforce your college’s reputation, ensuring each interaction—from enrollment to graduation—positively impacts student satisfaction and success.

 Topics Covered in this Series

  • Assessment and Student Success
  • Completion, Retention, and Brand
  • Helping Students With Their Career Pathways
  • Engaged Learning Design
  • Hybrid Learning
  • Work Integrated Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Student Mental Health
  • Assessing Competencies and Skills
  • Building Brand Presence
  • The Student Journey

About the Presenter

Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD

Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD is the former Dean of Athabasca University’s Faculty of Business and founder of the world’s first fully online MBA. He has been an innovative pioneer of technology-enabled, flexible learning since he began his career at The Open University UK. Since he left full-time work at the university, Stephen has worked extensively in the private sector as CEO of a large UK human resource consultancy and then, back in Canada, as an entrepreneur leading consulting, technology and publishing companies. He has consulted for governments across Canada and worldwide on technology innovation, higher education, organizational change, and transformation. He is the CEO of the Collaborative Media Group Inc. and an in-demand keynote speaker. He has published over forty books, four hundred papers, articles and chapters.

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Helping Students with their Career Pathways

21:42 | March 1, 2024

Learn how career colleges can lead in matching students with their ideal career paths, navigating through an array of certifications, microcredentials, and online courses. Discover practical advice on advising students with compassion, ensuring they embark on the most suitable educational and career journeys. Dive into strategies that not only enhance student success but also build lasting brand reputation for your institution.

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Assessment and Student Success

18:51 | March 1, 2024

Unlock the power of assessment to fuel student success! Dr. Murgatroyd reveals how shifting from traditional testing to creative, formative assessment strategies can transform learning into an engaging, empowering journey. Dive into innovative tools and approaches that make assessment a catalyst for growth, self-awareness, and genuine achievement. Ready to revolutionize the way you assess and inspire your students? This video is your roadmap to making assessment meaningful and motivating.

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The Problem No One Wants to Talk About: Student Dropout & Non-Completion

19:49 | March 1, 2024

Dive into the urgent crisis of student dropouts in higher education, revealing shocking Canadian statistics and the devastating impact on institutions’ reputations and finances. Discover actionable strategies for retention and success in this must-watch video.

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Student Mental Health

20:15 | March 8, 2024

Stephen Murgatroyd teams up with Victoria Grainger from Wellness Works Canada to address the escalating mental health issues in the post-secondary system. Highlighting the severe impact of poor mental health on students’ academic performance and well-being, they emphasize the necessity of creating a supportive, compassionate campus culture. They explore practical strategies for promoting mental health awareness, building resilience, and establishing a peer support network to foster a community of care. This discussion is vital for educational institutions looking to improve student success and well-being.

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Making the Most of Work Integrated Learning and Placements

19:06 | March 8, 2024

Delve into the importance and execution of work-integrated learning. Stephen highlights its significance for 60-70% of Canadian college students and around half of university students, noting its mandatory status in places like Ontario. This video explores the benefits for both students and employers, including the development of critical soft skills and the enhancement of employability. Stephen also shares insights on creating rigorous, focused work placements and suggests innovative approaches to enrich these learning experiences.

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The New Currency for Education: Assessing Competencies and Skills

15:58 | March 15, 2024

In this video, Stephen unveils the future of education and employment, where traditional degrees take a backseat to the real MVP: competencies. Dive into the heart of what employers are really searching for – the skills to do the job. Dr. Murgatroyd shares groundbreaking strategies for transitioning to competency-based learning and hiring. This game-changing approach promises to bridge the gap between education and the workforce, making every graduate a hot commodity in the job market. Get ready to revolutionize how we learn, teach, and hire!

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Successful Hybrid Learning

19:20 | March 15, 2024

In this presentation, Stephen addresses the critical challenges of hybrid learning, specifically the often uninspired and solitary nature of online courses. He presents a series of strategic recommendations aimed at invigorating student engagement through the integration of collaborative projects, innovative reading methodologies, simulations, and challenges rooted in real-world scenarios. Join us to gain insights into transforming digital learning into a more engaging and memorable journey.

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Assessment in Hybrid Learning

15:09 | March 22, 2024

Stephen expands on the concept of hybrid learning, discussing how to make hybrid learning better, with a focus on how we check students’ progress. He shares his wisdom from years of creating online courses, suggesting new ways to make sure students really understand their lessons, both online and in class. Steve’s ideas help schools create interesting, effective learning that prepares students for real jobs, using easy-to-follow methods that make sure everyone knows how well students are doing.

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Engaged Learning: Designing Learning to be Effective, Focused and Fun

10:17 | March 22, 2024

Explore a transformative approach to hybrid learning, with a spotlight on engaging students deeply in their education. Stephen breaks down how assessment strategies in hybrid models can significantly enhance student success, completion rates, and future employment prospects, emphasizing active participation and project-based challenges. Discover innovative methods for ensuring each classroom and online encounter maximizes student engagement and learning outcomes.

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10 Ways AI Can Support Teaching and Learning

31:09 | March 28, 2024

Dive into the dynamic world of artificial intelligence in education, where AI transforms into a digital assistant for every student, impacting every future job. From addressing concerns about plagiarism to leveraging AI for predictive analytics and individualized instruction, this exploration sheds light on the myriad ways AI can enhance learning, teaching, and assessment. Discover how to embrace AI to empower students and educators alike, ensuring readiness for an AI-integrated future.

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The Student Journey: Moments of Truth

13:56 | March 28, 2024

Explore the pivotal “moments of truth” in a student’s journey, those critical instances that shape their perceptions and experiences with your institution. Learn strategies for turning these moments into opportunities to reinforce your college’s reputation, ensuring each interaction—from enrollment to graduation—positively impacts student satisfaction and success.

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Building Brand Presence: Standing Out from the Crowd

17:09 | March 28, 2024

In this final video instalment of the series, join Stephen as he unravels the secrets to elevating your college’s brand presence in a crowded educational landscape. Discover strategic insights on differentiating your institution, mastering social media marketing, and harnessing the power of success stories to captivate potential students. Learn how to craft a unique value proposition that resonates with your target audience, ensuring your college stands out and remains top of mind for those embarking on their learning journey.

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