Instructor Development Day 2023 Agenda

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11:00 AM AST

Welcome & Opening Remarks

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10:15 AM EST

7:15 AM PST
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Strategies to Support English as Another Language (EAL) Learners to Succeed in PCC Career Training Programs

Maria MacMinn Varvos, Campus Director, Brookes College

Session Summary:

This presentation will give instructors an insight into the profiles of EAL students who enroll in PCC career training programs. Instructors will have the opportunity to explore some key effective strategies that can be introduced into the planning and delivery of lessons. These strategies will support EAL learners to complete their programs and be successful employees.  

Speaker Bio:

As the Campus Director at Brookes College, Maria’s role is to cultivate growth and empowerment, fostering cultures of excellence, integrity, and innovation. In her work as a consultant through MMV Educational Consulting, Maria supported the educational goals of several excellent established and emerging public and private post secondary institutions in Alberta. As the Employment Support Manager at The Immigrant Education Society, Maria redesigned and implemented occupational training curricula, empowering newcomers with tangible pathways to success. Guiding the Language Training and Childcare Department at Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, Maria pioneered transformative programs that brought positive change to the lives of immigrants and refugees. Additionally, her contributions to publications, including Norquest College’s Settlement Studies Diploma program, underscore her dedication to enhancing ESL learning within the context of career training.

11:15 AM EST

8:15 AM PST
9:15 AM MST
12:15 PM AST

Networking Break

Have a chance to meet with your fellow instructor colleagues during our first Networking Break!

11:30 AM EST

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Learning about Learning Styles

Bonnie Gardner, Campus Director Online, Willis College – Ottawa Campuses

Session Summary:

A learning style is the way that different students learn. A style of learning refers to an individual’s preferred way to absorb, process, comprehend and retain information. The four key learning styles are: visual, auditory, tactile and kinaesthetic. Is teaching these learning styles still possible in a virtual classroom?  How do we ensure we still teach and have fun with our virtual students?  Is tactile and kinaesthetic possible?  Tell me—show me—let me do—how to make it work in remote learning.  

Speaker Bio:

Bonnie has 20 years experience in the education field and has been an instructor, Healthcare Faculty Head, Operations Director and has worked in Admissions.  She is a strong believer in student engagement and the philosophy of “teach it, see it, do,” even in an online setting. 

12:30 PM EST

9:30 AM PST
10:30 AM MST
1:30 PM AST

Mindfulness in Education

Doris Jeanne MacKinnon, Director of Education and Development, NACC

12:45 PM EST

9:45 AM PST
10:45 AM MST
1:45 PM AST


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1:35 PM EST

10:35 AM PST
11:35 AM MST
2:35 PM AST

How to Instruct Using AR/VR

Andrea Kurth, RPN Head of VR Healthcare Training Team, IBT College

Session Summary:

In this session, instructors will learn about one school’s journey to introducing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in a traditional classroom with lab settings. Practical examples will demonstrate how to engage students, enabling them to perform practical skills with empathy. Attendees will have the opportunity to see a live demonstration of a new Virtual Reality program, while also gaining appreciation for helping students just beginning to learn about new with technologies.

Speaker Bio:

Andrea’s expertise in the use of AR/VR in the classroom was recently recognized with the Minister’s Award from Minister Jill Dunlop and the Ministry of Colleges and University. She has extensive experience in teaching Personal Support Workers using AR and VR tools. Andrea has also worked with the Virtual Film School and she serves as a mentor to other teachers. 

2:35 PM EST

11:35 AM PST
12:35 PM MST
3:35 PM AST

Networking Break

Have a chance to meet with your fellow instructor colleagues during our second Networking Break!

3:00 PM EST

12:00 PM PST
1:00 PM MST
4:00 PM AST

Ten Ways in Which Faculty and Students Can Use AI To Improve Learning Outcomes

Dr. Stephen Murgatroyd, CEO, Collaborative Media Group

Session Summary:

In this “how to” session, Stephen Murgatroyd will share ten specific ways currently available AI applications can be used to support teaching, learning and assessment. He will explore the dangers of academic misconduct and plagiarism as well as some of the known challenges with AI. Participants will leave the session with practical ideas of what they can do to make learning engaging and successful while being aware of the risks.

Speaker Bio:

Stephen Murgatroyd, PhD is the former Dean of Athabasca University’s Faculty of Business and founder of the world’s first fully online MBA. He has been an innovative pioneer of technology-enabled, flexible learning since he began his career at The Open University UK. Since he left full-time work at the university, Stephen has worked extensively in the private sector as CEO of a large UK human resource consultancy and then, back in Canada, as an entrepreneur leading consulting, technology and publishing companies. He has consulted for governments across Canada and worldwide on technology innovation, higher education, organizational change, and transformation. He is the CEO of the Collaborative Media Group Inc and an in-demand keynote speaker. He has published over forty books, four hundred papers, articles and chapters.

4:00 PM EST

1:00 PM PST
2:00 PM MST
5:00 PM AST

Open Sharing Session & Event Close

Recap on the day’s lessons learned.

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