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Instructor Jam Session February 2024

Welcome back to the Instructor Jam Session, now in 2024! This exclusive event brings together top-tier experts across diverse fields to collaborate and share insights with private career college instructors on skills, emerging trends, and the latest developments in career training instruction. Don’t miss out! Secure your spot by clicking the button below. Continue reading to discover more about the upcoming session and our esteemed guest speaker. We hope to see you there!

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Session Description

Empowering Education: Creating Learner-Centred Classrooms

In this interactive session, we will delve into the principles of learner-centred education, emphasizing the shift from traditional teacher-centred methods to empowering students as active participants in their learning journey. Key highlights of this session include: understanding learner-centred classrooms; the role of the teacher; sharing power in the classroom; challenges and solutions. You can register now by

Meet our Speaker

Dr. Ulunma Njemanze

Dr. Ulunma Njemanze earned her Ph.D in Public Health from Walden University and a Master of Science in Health Promotion from Canterbury Christ Church University. Currently an Assistant Professor at Brookes College, Dr. Njemanze is recognized for her dynamic and engaging teaching style, fostering classroom environments that encourage critical thinking and empowering students to apply theoretical concepts in real-world situations.