Canadian Digital Adoption Plan – Show Me the Money!

On October 11, join Digital Advisor Darian Kovacs for an interactive and lively ‘Lunch n’ Learn’ where we’ll cover:

  • How to access up to $123,000 from the Federal Government to utilize for your business.
  • How easy the eligibility process is (More than 1 staff and less than 500? Gross early revenue over $500,000 and less than $10M? You’re eligible!)
  • For those who try – we may see people get approved right during the webinar (average approval time is 25 minutes to get approved – with many immediate approvals!)
  • How to best use the $123,000 for your company’s student recruitment.

This program helps bring more qualified students into your recruitment flow (or helps you build a recruitment flow if you don’t have one yet) and connects you with the top digital tools available to ensure your company is in a healthy place.

The webinar even includes a $20 gift card from Skip the Dishes so you can order lunch during our time together. We know you’re busy running your business – here’s a chance to lunch (or snack) and learn. 

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