This episode of the EdUp Canada podcast, hosted by Michael Sangster, features a discussion with Sheila Musgrove, the founder of Tag Recruitment and an Amazon bestselling author. The discussion kicks off by acknowledging the achievements of women, particularly in the context of International Women’s Day, and emphasizing the ongoing need for recognizing and supporting women in all fields. The spotlight then shifts to the core topic of career advancement and the crucial role of resumes in the job search process. Sheila Musgrove shares her expert advice on crafting impactful resumes, moving away from outdated resume formats to a two-step formula that showcases measurable achievements. She also addresses common pitfalls in resume preparation and offers strategies to navigate applicant tracking systems effectively. Additionally, Musgrove talks about the importance of demonstrating a track record of success, whether through academic achievements, part-time jobs, or volunteer work, to stand out to potential employers. The episode also touches on the significance of mentorship and its varied forms, highlighting that mentorship can come from unexpected sources and significantly impact one’s career path. 

What to Expect

  • 00:00 Celebrating International Women’s Day and the Power of Women 
  • 00:55 Introducing the EdUp Canada Podcast: A Journey into Career Success 
  • 01:53 Special Guest Sheila Musgrove Shares Insights on Career Building 
  • 02:35 Diving Deep into Resume Strategies with Sheila Musgrove 
  • 11:23 The Impact of ATS Systems on Job Applications 
  • 23:25 Addressing Career Gaps and the Importance of Mentorship 
  • 28:13 Wrapping Up: The Importance of Mentorship and Looking Forward 

About Sheila Musgrove

Sheila started TAG Recruitment in 2005 with an IKEA desk, a bargain website, and a computer monitor as big as a fish tank. TAG has grown into a thriving multi-million-dollar organization with a strong reputation for finding stellar talent.      

Her mantra is “some is good, more is better”, which applies to running, the amount of jewelry worn, heel height and laughter.     

Sheila has received numerous awards including the Alberta Venture ranking of Alberta’s fastest-growing companies – TAG has appeared 6 times on the list.  Profit and Chatelaine rank Canada’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs – she’s appeared on the list 4 times.  Sheila was recognized by Red Deer College as their Distinguished Alumnus of the Year.  She received the “Global Influencer” award from the Universal Women’s Network for the global reach of “Hired!”  

Her first book, “Hired!  How to Get The Zippy Gig.  Insider Secrets from A Top Recruiter.” hit the Amazon Best-Seller lists in both Canada & USA within the first 24 hours of being released.  Nearing six years later, “Hired!” is still ranked in the top resume books in Canada!   She just released a 2nd edition of “Hired!” last summer. It hit #1 Amazon best-seller in just over 3 hours of being released!  

Sheila wanted to help Ukrainian newcomers to Canada, and had her best-selling book, “Hired!” translated to Ukrainian.  It was released in November, 2022. She updated the cover with the beloved Ukrainian blue and yellow flag colours and re-released it in July.  It hit #1 that day.  

Her second book, “Unexpected Mentors.  Weird & Creative Ideas To Boost Your Career.”, was published in 2019. 

Sheila’s regularly interviewed as a resume and job-search expert on CTV Calgary, with appearances on CTV Ottawa, Vancouver & Winnipeg, Global Morning Calgary, Breakfast Television (Calgary & Vancouver), CHCH in Hamilton, 660 & 770 radio & CBC’s Alberta at Noon. Canadian Living magazine profiled an article with her job search strategies.   

She was 1 of 13 Canadian women business owners selected to be featured in a national ad campaign for Porsche Canada called #DriveDefinesHer.  Click the QR code to view her video.  

A snippet of her video was selected to appear in their global video…alongside McDreamy himself – Patrick Dempsey. 

She’s delivered her “How To Get Hired!” keynote at our fall Calgary conference and in January in Toronto.   

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