In this episode of the EdUp Canada podcast, host Michael Sangster talks Brooke Roberts in a discussion that explores the trajectory of skills development across various careers, highlighting the universal importance of skills regardless of the professional path chosen. Brooke shares her unique journey, from leveraging insurance money from a farm accident to explore Europe, to navigating the challenging job market with an international education background, eventually leading to her embrace of the digital nomad lifestyle and solopreneurship. Throughout their conversation, they dive into the significance of personal branding, the impact of mentors, and the flexibility in career development, shedding light on the value of trades alongside traditional academic degrees. The exchange offers insights into adapting to the evolving job landscape, the benefits of strategic job applications, and how unconventional experiences can enrich personal and professional growth. 

  • 00:00 Welcome to EdUp Canada: Unpacking Success Stories 
  • 00:51 A Serendipitous Meeting and the Power of Connections 
  • 02:40 Brooke Roberts: A Journey from Kansas to Global Entrepreneur 
  • 05:20 Mastering the Job Application: From 75 to 7 
  • 09:17 Skills for Success: What Makes You Stand Out 
  • 13:21 The Digital Nomad Lifestyle: Embracing Remote Work and Travel 
  • 18:16 Redefining Career Paths: The Value of Trades and In-Demand Skills 
  • 21:09 Surprising Skills in Unexpected Fields 
  • 22:06 The Value of Skilled Trades and Education Paths 
  • 23:13 Personal Stories of Success and the Importance of Agility 
  • 24:17 Addressing the Need for Skilled Workers in Canada 
  • 26:26 The Power of Personal Branding and Authority 
  • 28:53 The Impact of Mentors and Learning from Failure 
  • 33:16 Celebrating 20 Episodes and the Journey Ahead 

About Our Guest

Brooke Roberts (she/her) currently serves as Director of Partner Marketing at Podium Education, an edtech company aimed at supercharging the undergraduate degree through career-tethered, digital experiential programs. She has over 20 years of professional experience in international & higher education and is the founder of Inside Study Abroad, the premiere career development and training platform for aspiring global educators. Formerly, she was Director of International Education at Johnson County Community College, Senior Vice President of GoAbroad, Director of Operations & Advising for Global Educators/CISabroad, and founding director of global learning at the University of South Dakota. Beyond her work in global education, she’s the creator and host of two video podcasts Solopreneur Labs (where she shares strategies and stories on building a one-person digital business) and The Travel Confessions (where she spills all her secrets of building a career and life of travel). Brooke has lived, worked, and traveled to 59 countries on six continents including several multi-month journeys as a digital nomad living in a new country each month. You can connect with her on Instagram as @thenewdorothy or say hi on LinkedIn

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