In this episode of the EdUp Canada podcast, host Michael Sangster speaks with Nadine Baladi about the critical role language plays in education and career success. Nadine, a seasoned professional in language and career education and a member of the National Association of Career Colleges’ board of directors, shares her rich family history of international education and multilingualism, underscoring the emotional intelligence and cultural understanding that comes from learning a second or third language. They discuss the overlooked emphasis on language in education, particularly in ESL programs, and explore how career colleges and language academies can better support international students in Canada amidst a crisis of identity and communication within the sector. Nadine highlights the transformative power of education for growth and the importance of placements in career colleges for students’ success. The episode also touches on the critical role of support services and personalized guidance for students in navigating their educational paths, emphasizing Nadine’s passion for the sector’s potential for continuous growth and learning.  

  • 00:00 Unlocking Success Through Communication and Connection 
  • 00:15 Introducing the EdUp Canada Podcast 
  • 00:51 The Power of Language in Education and Career Success 
  • 01:12 Nadine Baladi Shares Her Multilingual Heritage and Career Journey 
  • 04:55 Exploring the Impact of Multilingualism on Career Opportunities 
  • 07:24 Addressing the International Student Crisis in Canada 
  • 13:53 The Role of Career Colleges in Supporting International Students 
  • 20:40 Nadine’s Motivation and the Importance of Mentorship 
  • 22:36 Wrapping Up with a Tribute to a Mentor 
  • 26:11 Closing Remarks and Podcast Outro 

About Our Guest

Nadine Baladi is Senior Vice President at Oxford International Education Group, a global higher education organization that is headquartered in the UK. In her role, Nadine drives strategy, growth, innovation and execution for Oxford International’s Canadian Career Colleges, English Language, Juniors, and IELTS testing. Nadine started her career teaching overseas as an ESL instructor and has spent over 20 years in senior roles in the international education and the higher education spaces, both in Canada and in the USA. Nadine sits on the board of the National Association of Career Colleges in Canada, and on the board of Career Colleges Ontario, and has served on various ESL Accreditation Commissions in the USA, including CEA and ACCET. Nadine has earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from McgIll University and the University of Toronto. 

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