In this episode, Michael speaks with Kimberly Hanson, CEO of Health Partners. Kimberley sheds light on the role of training, skills, and philanthropy in creating lasting careers. They delve into strategies for collaboration between employers and health charities, aiming to create healthier workplaces while fostering community resilience and well-being. Additionally, Kimberley underlines the importance of having clear intentions, being adaptable, and cultivating personal values in an ever-evolving workplace. The significance of philanthropy in personal and career development is also examined.

What to Expect

01:41 Kimberly’s Journey to Health Partners 

03:22 The Role of Health Partners in Supporting Health Charities 

05:18 The Importance of Workplace Giving Campaigns 

07:36 The Impact of Health Charities in Canada 

08:46 The Importance of Skills and Mentorship 

13:25 The Role of Volunteering and Philanthropy in Skill Development 

15:03 The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign 

17:17 The Role of Career Education in the Healthcare Sector 

25:44 The Power of Mentorship 

About our Guest

Kimberley Hanson assumed the role of HealthPartners Chief Executive Officer in February 2023. She is a seasoned executive deep experience in the health charity sector in Canada having worked as a strategic advisor to many organizations in the health and chronic disease community as Vice President at Hill+Knowlton Strategies and as Executive Director of Advocacy at Diabetes Canada. Prior to that, Kimberley held various senior management positions in crown corporations including Payments Canada and Export Development Canada. Kimberley is a fully bilingual, experienced spokesperson and public speaker who holds a Master of Business Administration from the University of Ottawa. As a passionate volunteer and community member, she and her family have raised more than $1 million for local charities. 

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