In this episode of the EdUp Canada podcast, host Michael Sangster talks with Joe Leonhardt, a 25-year veteran in higher education, about skills, education, and leadership. Joe and Michael talk about how the restaurant business will teach you a lot about leadership. Joe emphasizes digital marketing skills and shares the importance of effective communication in leadership. He also expresses his passion for career education, specifically within the trades. Joe tells the inspiring story of his first student who, against all odds, found a path to success through higher education. The podcast concludes with Joe discussing the importance of encouraging and mentoring young leaders, as he sees a gap in this sector in today’s world. 

What to Expect

00:44 Guest Introduction: Joseph Leonhardt 

01:20 The Importance of Digital Skills in Today’s World 

01:57 Exploring the Career Education Sector 

03:06 Personal Experiences and Passion for the Sector 

03:15 The Impact of Career Education on Families 

04:20 Discussion on International Students and Enrollment 

05:07 The Value Proposition of Career Colleges 

13:08 The Role of Mentoring and Leadership in Career Education 

16:07 The Importance of Communication in Leadership 

18:37 Learning from Failures and Overcoming Challenges 

22:55 The Power of Mentoring and Influence in Leadership 

29:32 Closing Thoughts and Reflections 

About our Guest

Joe Leonhardt is a 26-year veteran of career and higher education largely in enrollment 

management and campus operations executive roles. A lifelong student of leadership, today 

Joe teaches leadership as adjunct faculty in the MBA program at the University of Arizona 

Global Campus. He also serves as a Senior Account Executive at Advance 360 Education, a 

higher education digital marketing company. Finally, Joe has served as a college consultant and 

is currently an active board member for multiple organizations. 

Leonhardt earned his master’s and bachelor’s degrees in business from Indiana Wesleyan 

University and has received multiple leadership & performance awards throughout his career. 

Joe has been married to Melodie for 32 years, lives in Castle Rock, CO. and has two adult 

children. Joe is also a published author and podcaster. 

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