In this episode of the EdUp Canada podcast we explore the transformative role of skills and training in shaping successful careers. The episode features Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes reflecting on Canada’s educational sector, focusing on both her university experience at Yorkville University and her relationship with the Toronto Film School, a regulated career college. Hughes and Sangster discuss  

  • the challenges in the education sector, such as government changes affecting the international student program 
  • maintaining student experience quality and academic integrity,  
  • and fostering resilience in students.  

The conversation also covers the concept of relentless welcome, diversity in student populations, ensuring truth in advertising for international students, and the potential damage to reputations of educational institutions. Hughes shares her personal career journey and her greatest mentor, emphasizing the impact tutors can have on student lives. They both remain optimistic about the education sector’s future despite the difficulties faced. 

01:26 Discussion on International Student Program Changes 

01:43 Exploring Strengths and Weaknesses of the Education Sector 

02:10 Transforming Higher Education 

02:18 Impact of Government’s Announcements on Education 

04:11 Challenges and Opportunities in the Education Sector 

04:45 Importance of Academic Integrity 

05:24 Preparing Students for the Future 

06:31 Addressing Mental Stress in Education 

07:33 Innovations in Learning Spaces and Pedagogies 

08:23 Challenges and Opportunities in the Education Sector 

08:54 Investments in Education and Technology 

09:39 Addressing Truth in Advertising in Education 

10:01 Reputation and Integrity in the Education Sector 

13:57 Personal Career Path and Mentorship 

17:33 Reputational Issues in Post-Secondary Education 

23:02 Toronto Film School: A Case Study 

31:14 Closing Remarks and Future Directions 

Bio: Yorkville University’s Dr. Julia Christensen Hughes, PhD, is a globally recognized academic 

innovator who is passionate about the transformational power of post-secondary education to 

change lives and improve society. As President and Vice Chancellor of Canada’s largest private 

university, she has played a pivotal role in committing Yorkville to mentoring the next generation 

of ethical, highly skilled and socially conscious business leaders, psychotherapists, educators, and 

creative storytellers and designers. Under Dr. Christensen Hughes’s visionary leadership, 

Yorkville – which boasts campuses in Vancouver, BC, Toronto, ON, and Fredericton, NB – has 

become a hub for innovative approaches to accessible education, with distinctive capabilities in 

the creation of an exceptional student experience, high-demand and career-relevant programs, 

leading student recruitment, and high-quality faculty.

Dr. Christensen Hughes’s published work includes the co-edited books Academic Integrity in 

Canada: An Enduring and Essential Challenge (2022); Taking Stock 2.0: Transforming Teaching 

and Learning in Higher Education (2022); Taking Stock: Research on Teaching and Learning in 

Higher Education (2010); and Curriculum Development in Higher Education: Faculty-Driven 

Processes and Practices (2007). Her most recent journal articles have focused on the need to 

better align university rankings and faculty research with the United Nation’s Sustainable 

Development Goals. 

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