On the EdUp Canada Podcast, host Michael Sangster interviews policy wonk Mike Moffatt, expert in housing and community issues.  

They discuss how the growth of international students at certain institutions has had significant impacts on local housing markets and communities.  

Moffat emphasizes that the students themselves are not creating the issues, but that it stems from policy and planning oversights. Moffat shares his views in light of recent changes, welcoming policy interventions from the federal government and suggesting a more place-based approach.  

He is optimistic about the new strategies being implemented to address the challenges. Moffatt also emphasizes the value of mentorship and how his personal life experiences have influenced his professional journey. 

On this episode, you’ll hear

  • Insights from Mike Moffatt, a renowned economist and policy expert.
  • Discussion on education’s role in innovation and sustainability.
  • Exploration of housing affordability issues for international students in Canada.

About Mike Moffatt

Mike is the Founding Director of the PLACE Centre. Mike’s research focuses on the intersection of regional economic development, building child-friendly, climate-friendly housing and communities, and clean innovation. In 2017, Mike was the Chief Innovation Fellow for the Government of Canada, advising Deputy Ministers on innovation policy and emerging trends.

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