Ever wondered how an organization stands tall and proud for over a century? It’s not by being just ‘okay’. This rings especially true for career colleges across Canada.

Today, we’re thrilled to have Victor Tesan, President of Sprott Shaw College, and Chair of the NACC Board on the EdUp Canada podcast.

On this episode, you’ll hear about

  • The birth of radio in the province of British Columbia
  • The ever-evolving nature of career colleges, and how they stay ahead
  • The real, behind-the-scenes challenges they face (trust us, it’s more than meets the eye)

So, grab a cup of coffee and join us for this enlightening journey on the EdUp Canada podcast. There’s so much more to discover!

About Victor Tesan

Victor Tesan, President of Sprott Shaw College, is a strategic and operational leader with 30 years of experience in the education sector. Victor has held the position of President for some of the largest regulated career college providers in the country and is also the current Chair of the National Association of Career Colleges.  He has held leadership and executive roles in numerous other sector groups and community associations such as the British Columbia Career College Association, Famee Furlane of Vancouver, and the Burnaby District Youth Soccer Association. Victor remains both a coach and community volunteer to this day. 

A graduate of both the public and private educational system in British Columbia, Victor has a proven history of building successful and sustainable organizations where culture, values, and community engagement are at the forefront. 

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