It’s no secret that partnerships are a key to success in any industry. That’s equally true in career education…but just how significant are they? What can they deliver? How does it set students up for success? On today’s episode, Henry Devlin of Summit2 explains how their partnerships drive student success in expected, and unexpected ways.

This episode is for you if 

  • You’re seeking exclusive insights from a successful college owner on tactical partnerships
  • You’re passionate about lifelong learning and want to discover more ways to ensure student success
  • You’re curious about how veterans can transition into civilian life with new opportunities and support

All that, and more on this episode of the EdUp Canada podcast 

About Henry Devlin

Henry Devlin co-founded Summit2 in 2018, an organization that now includes Willis College in Ontario, Manitoba and Alberta, and CBBC Career College in Nova Scotia. Henry began his career in 1988 in a Toronto based College and has since held titles such as Director of Admissions, Campus Director, Director of Operations, COO and CEO at a variety of schools and now as a College Owner. His extensive experience in all facets of private vocational education allows him to have a unique perspective on developing college programs that are skill based employment focused. He takes great pride in the fact that the entire team at Summit2 gets the privilege of helping to change the lives of its graduates through education.

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