“What’s your dream? Pick your dream and pick your course”

It really can be as simple as that. Career Colleges of Ontario have a long history dating back to the 1800s. But just because they date back that far doesn’t mean they aren’t at the cutting edge of innovation and technology.

That’s what Ari Laskin, CEO of Career Colleges Ontario is here to talk about today.

This Episode is for if

  • You’re pursuing a new career, and want to learn why career colleges could be right for you
  • You want to learn how career colleges contributed to the skilled labour force
  • You want to hear about impeccable dining experience at a career college

About Ari Laskin

As the CEO of Career Colleges Ontario, Ari leads a team of professionals who advocate for the interests and needs of over 280 registered private career colleges in the province. Ari leverages his extensive experience in government relations, policy analysis, and strategic communications to foster productive and collaborative relationships with key stakeholders, including political parties, media outlets, regulatory bodies, and industry partners.

Before joining Career Colleges Ontario in June 2022, Ari served as the Chief of Staff at the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities, where he oversaw the development and implementation of various policy initiatives and programs that supported the post-secondary education sector. Prior to that, he was the Executive Director of Strategy at the Office of the Premier of Ontario, where he advised the Premier on critical issues and opportunities, and managed the strategic direction and operations of the office. Ari holds a Master’s degree in Intelligence and International Security from King’s College London, and he is well-versed in Hebrew and French. Ari is passionate about advancing the quality and accessibility of higher education in Ontario and enhancing the recognition and reputation of career colleges as a vital and innovative component of the education system.

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