May 17, 2024

At NACC, we’re immensely proud to partner with Enriched Academy to help bring financial literacy to students across Canada. That’s why we’re thrilled to share that over 94,000 students have completed the Enriched Academy program at career colleges! Students start school in order to change their lives, but many drop out part-way due to financial hardship and lack the necessary tools to navigate these challenges. Enriched is committed to changing this! Does this sound like your college?

In partnership with Enriched Academy, we conducted a comprehensive study involving over 20,000 students to measure the impact of this partnership, and the findings are ASTOUNDING:

· There was a 4% improvement in student loan repayments, meaning students improved their speed of repayment and helped keep campuses in good standing!

· We saw attrition rates improve by 5%, representing about 750 students staying on with their program! That means with Enriched, students are learning to better budget in order to afford and complete their studies. 📖

· But it’s not just about numbers; it’s about transforming lives. On average, students who completed the course reported feeling twice as confident and knowledgeable about money, reporting an overwhelming satisfaction rate of 92%! 💸

Not yet convinced? Just read these testimonials from career college leaders and students about the impact of the Enriched Academy program:

“For about the price of a textbook, students taking the Enriched Academy program receive the financial awareness training that they desperately need, in a fun and interactive way.

In a few days, they get the skills to plan their finances and budget for their entire program, as well as plan for repaying their loans.”

– Michael McAllister, Director General at Herzing College Montreal (NACC Member)

“I believe this program has impacted me hugely, especially as a full-time student because in high school we were never taught how to properly budget, deal with credit, manage loans and debt and I think in today’s world that’s something that is greatly important.”

– Jaylynn Taylor, Student at Saskatoon Business College (NACC Member)

Ready to take the next step and bring Enriched Academy to your campus? Fill out our interest form today and we will be in touch – you might even be eligible for a discount code!