eLoft Careers

eLoft Careers’ mission is to maximize student and graduate success in today’s job market by teaching job search skills that work, bridging the transition from school to employment. We partner with Career Colleges to accelerate student and graduate job market success by complementing your existing career services with expertly developed on-line/on-demand courses covering the 4 pillars of job search. Our on-line/on-demand courses support your career services team in developing excellence in the areas of resume and cover letter development, interview skills development and preparation, and job search strategies and networking techniques.

As part of this partnership, NACC members may be eligible for volume discounts off the regular rate of $15/course/student/30 day access.

Colleges who choose to offer our courses can charge for the courses at a rate of their choice.

For more information or to schedule a free demo, please complete the eLoft Careers Interest Form and we will contact you shortly.