The National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) is very excited to announce the Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) Program

The NACC Early Childcare Assistant program has been redesigned, updated and been given a new name: Early Childhood Assistant. This is a new program and has received approval by the Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities (MCU). Graduates of the new NACC Early Childhood Assistant program have the opportunity to enter the second year of Canadore College’s Early Childhood Education Diploma Program. 

Key Benefits

  • The program can be marketed with this Pathway Agreement and will attract students interested in acquiring an Early Childhood Assistant certificate with the possibility of continuing with Canadore College to a full Early Childhood Education Diploma.
  • The program can be delivered full-time; part-time; evenings and/or weekends.
  • The program will be meeting the high demand for ECAs and ECEs in Ontario. 
  • The new program can provide students career options as an ECA or ECE. Upon graduation as an ECA, they will have the ability to continue their studies with Canadore College in the second year of the Early Childhood Education program, if accepted by Canadore.
  • Attract more students by promoting the fact that their program allows the student to continue their education to the ECE level and their coursework will be recognized.


The NACC Early Childhood Assistant Program is available to both member colleges who are currently delivering the Early Childcare Assistant Program or those who are not. If a college is currently delivering the previous ECA program, then the new program will be available at a significantly discounted price. If a college has not had the ECA Program, the new program will be available at the regular price.

For more information on the new Early Childhood Assistant Program, please contact Sarah by email at