Becoming a member of the NACC is an investment for your institution.

Have You Had Any Interest In International Students?

When the federal government looked at changing the international student visa program, NACC advocated at the federal level that our members be eligible to receive international students.

Have You Benefited From The Canada Job Grant?

When the federal program created the Canada Job Grant program, NACC was at the forefront of the debate, ensuring access to the program for our members. It resulted in a number of regulated career colleges benefitting from the program. The program is still open to applications.

Working With Indigenous Students?

A number of government programs specifically excluded career colleges from being able to receive funding when working with indigenous communities. We changed that and our members are now eligible to receive funding.

Your Students Receive Funding From The Canada Student Grant Program?

That’s because we continue to stress the importance of the sector to decision makers.

Exclusive Benefits that only NACC can bring:

Visibility, Credibility and Information

In addition to an official NACC Certificate that showcases your membership, you will have access to a rich collection of benefits.

  • Your college(s) will be listed in the national database of career colleges
  • You will receive special discounts, including up to $100 off of the annual AGM conference registration
  • Your college or students could be featured in one of our many campaigns to highlight the sector and its contributions


NACC offers its members many opportunities for educational and professional development programs:

  • Instructor Development Program: recognized by provincial governments such as British Columbia, the Instructor Development Program allows instructors to better understand adult education in career college programs and settings. This in turns helps your students
  • Key educational programs: personal support worker, personal support worker bridging, personal support worker distance education, home support worker, pharmacy assistant, esthetics, and early childhood assistant

Annual Conference

Our annual conference keeps getting bigger and better, bringing together regulated career college and industry representatives from across the country. Each year, the program provides a fantastic opportunity to learn and to network. Members receive $100 off of registration.

NACC Is Best Suited To Represent You

Since 1896, NACC has represented the sector well. When the former Prime Minister of Canada announced a change to the Canada Student Grant program in 2015 in Vancouver, he referred to the National Association of Career Colleges and our members were front and centre.

When the federal Budget announced an important funding measure in 2013, NACC was mentioned in the Budget document and in the speech from the Minister of Finance.

We have participated in parliamentary committees to debate various measures affecting our members, been on TV and radio to promote the sector and have attended trade shows (for domestic and international purposes).

In short: we are the organization that, at the national and international level, is best suited to represent you, identify opportunities that may benefit you and raise the positive profile of the sector.