About NACC Membership

As a national organization representing regulated career colleges in Canada, NACC strives to provide the best representation for our members in order to achieve sector goals collectively.  We provide our members with valuable services to improve public perception of the sustainability and quality education offered by the regulated career college sector.  Here’s how your organization will benefit from an NACC membership.

Credibility & Sustainability: Becoming an NACC member gives your organization enhanced credibility because it is associated with an organization that was established over one hundred years ago.

A Collective Voice for the regulated career college sector: Members enjoy increased communication not only with each other but collectively to address sector issues more effectively at the federal level.  NACC acts on behalf of your college, and your students, on the following key federal committees:

  • National Advisory Group on Student Financial Assistance – ensures that career colleges are represented and continue to be included in the designation process for Canada Student Loans.
  • Advisory Committee on International Student and Immigration – created in 1995 by the department of Citizenship and Immigration to bring together essential stakeholders on international education to improve the processing of international students.

Government Representation: To supplement our work with federal committees, NACC has worked extensively to enhance the sector’s image and level of representation at the federal level.  Members benefit by improved communication and meetings with elected and public officials to represent and forward interests of the career college sector.

Curriculum and Examination Services: NACC has developed national standards for career training in areas where there are currently no national standards.  NACC provides curriculum packages for programs, final examinations to test the theory portions of programs and skills passbooks to test the “hands on” applications of the programs.

Instructor Development Program: NACC members are able to benefit from this program by providing optional training for instructors to supplement educational practices and methods in order to improve the quality of teaching at their college.

Annual Conference: NACC members enjoy the benefits of an annual conference providing an excellent opportunity to learn about the national and international environment of the industry. Members also benefit from educational workshops which enhance professional development, networking opportunities, as well as provide updates on government policies and procedures that affect the career college industry.

Increased Promotion: Members enjoy the benefit of being promoted at a national level with NACC and its provincial association members, increasing the promotion of their institutions through the following:

  • NACC Webpage: In addition to promoting the regulated career college sector collectively, member colleges are promoted through accessible links and a searchable database of members.
  • NACC Presence at Trade Shows: NACC promotes member colleges and the regulated career college sector as a whole at both national and international trade shows on education.
  • NACC Publications: Promotion of member career colleges, students and programs is offered via publications such as the Career Connections Directory, a searchable database, and Career Connections Magazine.  Both increase the promotion of the sector, while providing prospective students easily accessible information on member institutions and programs.
  • NACC Material: Promotional material such as brochures and an NACC video are available to promote the sustainability of the industry.

Industry Data and Reports: NACC continues to focus on data collection in order to support NACC policy positions, and to generate useful reports for our members. Past reports include collaboration with the Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation and HRSDC to conduct a National Survey of institutions, students and graduates, as well as an industry Feasibility Study.

Public and Media Relations: NACC has worked actively to be out in front of news stories, spreading the word on the good work done by regulated career colleges across the country.  NACC’s CEO has published many op-eds and is frequently quoted by journalists in order to include the regulated career college sector as part of the discussion.

Savings for member colleges: NACC has agreements with several companies that can help members and their staff save money on group health insurance, home and auto insurance, as well as office supplies.

Assistance for Provincial Associations: NACC and the National Vending Alliance have signed an agreement which will generate funding for provincial association activities.

International Promotions: NACC has launched initiatives in order to market regulated career colleges in Canada to international students.  These include attendance at international trade shows and the creation of the Career Colleges Canada brand and website, which provides information and a searchable database to prospective international students.

NACC is continually striving to improve conditions for members.  We encourage all regulated career colleges to get involved.  For more information regarding registration, please call 613-800-0340.