NACC Invited to Attend Federal Government Skills Summit

NACC was invited to attend a conference organized by the federal government called the “Skills Summit” on June 25.  The intention was to bring together business, educational and labour leaders to start conversations on issues related to training.

The much discussed “skills gap” can be seen as a regional, sectorial and national issue – experts vary on their interpretation of what it is and how it impacts Canada.

We were pleased to contribute to the discussion and to reaffirm that career colleges are part of the solution.

One item that was clearly identified is the need for more data – on the skills required for the future, employers’ needs and outcomes for educational institutions.

We were pleased to hear the president of the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology note that public educational institutions need to be more accountable in relations to the outcomes for students.  The fact is that, today, the requirement for accountability is often discussed for career colleges but rare are the public colleges targeted.

It is also interesting to note that provinces are also holding their own conferences later in July and that it is called “Skills for the Future”…  We have also been invited to attend.  This is the first time NACC has been invited to participate in an event held by the Council of Ministers of Education (CMEC).