Reaching Your Goal


The visit to the college is completed.  This means you have come a long way in planning your future.  Look at the fact-finding missions you have completed so far:

You thought about the difference a good job can make in building the way of life you want.  A good job can make a difference in the amount of money you earn in the next year or two, and it can make a difference in your earning power over a working lifetime.  It can make a difference in how important you are to a company.  It can give you the opportunity to continue to learn new things, to get better jobs, and to grow.  It can enable you to do interesting work that has a future.  A good job can make a difference in how you think about yourself.  It can make you feel valued and increase your feeling of self-respect….

We are excited to be assisting you on your way to an exciting career and higher earning potential.  To continue reading, download the full article in Acrobat PDF format.