Career Edge and the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) partner to help skilled newcomers join Canada’s workforce

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TORONTO, August 11, 2014 – Career Edge and NACC have joined forces to connect internationally qualified professionals (IQPs) with leading organizations to help re-launch careers in Canada.

The partnership’s pilot program, NACC Edge, is an alternative career pathway that aims to help IQPs find relevant work in their area of expertise by using their Canadian-obtained training and skills. After completing a training program at an NACC member career college, program graduates can re-launch their careers in Canada through Career Edge’s paid internships in related occupations.

The paid internship program focuses on opportunities in various sectors, such as information technology (IT), administration, and health care. Many IQPs join the program in order to enter regulated professions within these fields. The NACC Edge program enables IQPs to continue working in their field while re-training to meet the needs of the job market.

NACC and Career Edge share a common goal of helping create opportunities for IQPs, giving them a greater chance at finding professional success in Canada, whether through education and training programs or through career-related work experience.

“NACC’s members are very excited to see this partnership come into effect,” said Serge Buy, NACC’s Chief Executive Officer. “This is one concrete step we can take toward reducing the challenges faced by IQPs when they seek to obtain work experiences in their fields.”

Canada’s labour force has experienced a growing number of underutilized workers who resort to accepting “survival jobs” to stay afloat when they are faced with a job market that seldom recognizes their international experience and accreditation. The NACC Edge program seeks to address this pressing issue by ensuring IQPs are integrated into Canada’s workforce, so that they are working to their full potential, while strengthening Canada’s globally competitive economy.

“We are very proud to partner with NACC,” says Naguib Gouda, President of Career Edge. “Through this partnership, we’re giving more options to newcomers who are struggling to acquire Canadian work experience that aligns with their career goals,” he says.

NACC Edge is available across the country and is delivered by NACC’s Regional Coordinators in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Toronto, and will be supported by staff at the NACC national office in Ottawa and Career Edge’s headquarters in Toronto.



About Career Edge

A self-sustaining social enterprise, Career Edge has remained passionate about connecting highly motivated, well-qualified interns with leading organizations since 1996. Our innovative internship programs provide cost-effective and virtually risk free workforce solutions to help multi- sector enterprises meet or exceed evolving business needs, while giving new graduates— including those with disabilities—and internationally qualified professions the edge they need to successfully launch their careers.

Career Edge works. Half of our interns are hired by the employer at the end of the internship and most of the rest launch their career elsewhere within six months. Count on us for your short and long-term employment needs.

About NACC
Established in 1896, the National Association of Career Colleges (NACC) is the oldest post- secondary association in Canada, representing more than 500 career colleges across the country. All NACC members meet the highest regulatory standards, ensuring the best possible education for their students.

Alternative Career Pathways is a program launched by NACC to help match IQPs with training programs at career colleges so they can leverage their existing skills, training and experience in Canada’s workforce. It provides information and establishes relationships with career colleges, employers, and immigrant-serving organizations, all committed to helping internationally-trained individuals

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