Career Connections Guide

The following links provide further details on benefits of choosing a private career college as well as information and tips to help students make an informed decision.

Chapter 1 ‘What’s In It for Me?’: Find information about jobs, money, and the valuable investment you are making in yourself when you choose to attend a career college. Read Chapter >

Chapter 2 ‘Choosing a Career’: Get help looking at jobs you can do and enjoy doing. This lets you know where you can get information and assistance when deciding on a career. Read Chapter >

Chapter 3 ‘Finding the College’: Introduces you to career colleges and gives you an inside look at what these colleges can offer. Read Chapter >

Chapter 4 ‘Deciding Factors’: Provides information to help find the career college best suited to meet your individual needs. Read Chapter >

Chapter 5 ‘Reaching Your Goal’: Summarizes information on planning and guides you through the application process. Read Chapter >

And last, but not least, we encourage you to go for it.  You are the one who has the power and ability to plan your future, to look at your life, and to decide what it takes to get the skills for moving ahead!

Click here to download a full PDF copy of the 2013/2014 Career Connections Guide.