How We Can Help You

Are you a new or recent Canadian or Permanent Resident?  Were you trained and educated outside of Canada?  Are you having problems working in your field or using your training in Canada?

Then contact us: the Alternative Career Pathways initiative could be for you!

Alternative Career Pathways provide:

  • Career options for you, an internationally-trained individual, if you are having problems working in your field or using your training in Canada.
  • Alternative career options related to your skills, training, experience and interests.
  • Employment and labour market information to help you choose the right path to build your career.

How We Can Help You:

The Alternative Career Pathways initiative will help you, an internationally-trained individual, if you are having problems working in your field or using your training in Canada by:

  • Providing information based on your previous training and experience.
  • Providing information on pathways to alternative careers that make use of your skills and training.
  • Referral to timely and cost-effective career college programs that can help get you the training you need to enter the workforce quickly.
  • Serving as a link to industry once you complete your training for an alternative career.

What Alternative Career Pathways are Available to Me?

What training and credentials do you have?  What skills and experience have you gained?  What would you like to do?

Explore sample career pathways:


Electronic Esthetics health-office PSw



These are just some examples of the wide range of programs offered by NACC member colleges that can prepare you for exciting careers in fields including trades, information technology, health care, child care, and personal support, business, culinary arts, technical and scientific work, and many more.

To discuss your alternative career opportunities, please contact us.

Where Career Colleges fit in:

  • NACC member career colleges provide timely and cost-effective training for alternative careers.
  • Through training at career colleges, internationally-trained individuals like you can be working in alternative careers sooner than if you were to restart your training.
  • Career colleges are adaptable and can quickly provide new programs or specialized training to meet the needs of the job market.

Benefits to You:

The benefits of attending an NACC member career college include:

  • Compressed study times, multiple program entry dates per year, and flexible schedules, as many colleges offer classes in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Hands-on experience.
  • Instructors involved in their profession.
  • Programs designed to lead to meaningful employment.
  • A diverse student group.
  • The ability to graduate from provincially regulated colleges.
  • Small average class sizes.

NACC member career colleges can prepare you for meaningful, in-demand careers.

Financial Assistance:

Member colleges can provide information about the financial aid that is available to you from both the federal and provincial governments to cover the cost of career colleges as well as your eligibility for financial aid.  Please see this page for more information.

Contact Us:

Our regional coordinators can help you:

  • Find alternative career pathways related to your skills, training, and experience.
  • Career college programs appropriate to your chosen pathway.
  • NACC member career colleges that offer those programs in your area.

Once you are in contact with our member colleges, their advisors can provide you with program information, information on financial aid applications and requirements, and can ensure that the programs considered match your needs.  Working with you, they can ensure your needs are met in order to be successful in your training.

Upon completion of training, you will have assistance with finding employment in your field from both your college and our initiative’s collaborators.

Our regional coordinators and initiative staff are pleased to answer any questions you may have about the Alternative Career Pathways initiative, specific career pathways, NACC, and career colleges in Canada.

For these or any other questions, please contact us or request a consultation.

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This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Foreign Credential Recognition Program.

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