Former Instructor Development Program

NACC is introducing a new Instructor Development Program (IDP) beginning in January 2016.

You are still able to enroll in the former Instructor Development Program until October 20, 2015. You will have 6 months to complete the program (deadline of April 20, 2016). No extensions will be given.



Though you have hired many great field experts to teach your programs and courses, the reality is that most instructors have little or no background in education. They may be some of the best business people, IT professionals, health care workers, etc., but… how well can they teach?

By providing your instructors with a solid foundation in adult education you will not only be helping them but also providing your students with a more meaningful education and making an invaluable improvement to your College as a whole. Better instructors, better graduates, BETTER COLLEGE!

Upon successful completion of the 100-hour online NACC IDP Certificate your instructors will be able to:

  • Understand the theories of adult education
  • Demonstrate professionalism and work ethics while on the job
  • Identify different levels of stress
  • Cope with job-related stress
  • Manage time better
  • Develop a personal time schedule
  • Apply alternative approaches to instructional design
  • Recognize the different learning styles in adults
  • Incorporate styles techniques into lessons
  • Set course goals and objectives
  • Use various models of evaluation
  • Select appropriate instructional materials
  • Sequence material effectively
  • Apply various methods of instruction
  • Design professional lesson plans
  • Assess and evaluate students
  • Apply evaluation theories into practice
  • Give structured feedback to students
  • Design and use rubrics
  • Design and administer tests
  • Give considerations to special needs learners
  • Administer and design assessment
  • Feel confident about their teaching
  • Bring so much more to your students and College

Further information about the Instructor Development Program can be found here.

To register, please fill out this form and return to Debbie Archer at or fax to 613-789-9669.

Please contact Ann MacDonald, Manager of Education Programs, at or 613-800-0340 if you have any additional questions.