5 Career Choice Facts

Here is some useful information to help you plan, execute and achieve your career goals.  Please follow the links for more information about making informed decisions on your path toward career prosperity.

5 Important Facts That Will Affect Your Career Choice…

Students and workers alike are affected by the changing demands for jobs. Consider the following:

  1. 70% of all jobs require education or technical training beyond high school
  2. Manufacturing jobs will require different skill sets, while an equal number of service jobs will be obsolete
  3. Most new job opportunities come from small companies with fewer than 100 employees, yet small companies are the least able to provide on-the-job training
  4. Workers will change jobs six to seven times during their normal working lives
  5. Many technical and office occupations now require a post-secondary degree as more employers prefer to hire trained personnel rather than provide training
  6. (Bonus.) Students who have completed programs at a career college are equipped with the necessary skills to stay on top of the ever-changing labour market and deal with challenges effectively, making them an ideal candidate for employers.

What do these statements mean as you think about a job for yourself and for your future?

  • You will probably have several jobs in your lifetime, and they will probably be different kinds of jobs.  You’ll need to develop a good skill set to prepare you for each kind of job.
  • More than ever before employers will only hire workers who already have the required job skills.
  • Specialized training will be the key to staying on top of the changing workforce.
  • Colleges that offer specialized post-secondary training may be your answer to getting the necessary skills to succeed in the workplace.